Why Do Companies Need To Care About SEO

Why Is SEO Important To All Businesses

Whether you have noticed or not but the reality today is that search engines, especially Google has become today’s Yellow Pages. If your company would have paid for a Yellow Pages ad 15 to 20 years ago, you now want your business to appear at the top of Google and other search engine results pages. Regardless whether B2B or B2C, almost all buyers conduct research online before contacting a company’s sales team.


Knowing how to Google optimize your website not only save you thousands of dollars in your advertising budget, but it can also substantially increase your web traffic and lead acquisition efforts.

There are many horror stories today about SEO agency firms using black-hat tactics. If an agency company pitches you about article directories, website directories, social bookmarking, forum posting and blog commenting, and guaranteeing you hundreds of links – these will be a warning sign and red flag. These are outdated tactics that worked 5 to 10 years ago but they are no longer effective in Google SEO and very unlikely to make a comeback in the near future.


Choosing & Getting The Right SEO Agency


Google updates their search algorithm and formula many times a year. Each major update and even a small update will affect and impact the search engine ranking results.  Websites which were listed in the top 5 can find themselves dropping in their SERP (search engine ranking position) and fall onto page 2 or 3, depending on the tactics they or their SEO agency had used previously.

Doing SEO well takes good knowledge and proven strategies and techniques that are aligned with Google objectives. It is important to strive for long-term and sustainable ranking that is not achieved quickly through black-hat SEO tactics that will ultimately hurt your business ranking.

Look for a SEO company whose core competency is Google SEO. They should demonstrate to you that getting people to visit your website is just the beginning. They should also know how to optimize your site to help you turn web visitors into buyers and employ safe and proven strategies to continually engage site visitors.