7 Strategies For Marketing To SMB



Small business is a very broad market and sometimes it is very dependent on the type of small business. Some small business is 1-100 employees and is 90% of the market so would very hard to pinpoint but as someone who works with small businesses this is what I find works, but if I help a business who is targeting retailers, this might be very different.

1. You need to have your website targeted at your target market. Your content needs to be relevant and up to date. Your website should include proper SEO.

2. Depending on the type of business Social Media is important. This is not something you set up and do once a week. The type of social media you use with be dependent on the target market.

3. Email marketing services work as long as people have subscribed but if you are trying to get “NEW” business- spam laws will come into play. I use email marketing to provide new content to my existing customers or people who are in my network.

4. Google Adwords, LinkedIn/Facebook Ads are another way to target small businesses. Using a Landing Page with this is advantageous and cost effective.

5. I am not a huge advocate of direct mail for most “service businesses” as it has a very low return. It works well in retail. As a business owner myself – I don’t read it and usually finds its way to my trash. You would have to really be creative and have something that jumps out and offer something different than your competitors to get someone’s attention. If you are going to do this – you need a great call to action.

6. Networking is a very good way, but do not expect instant return. This takes time. This is something you need to continuously do and is important to be known in your community and market you serve.

7. Find other vendors that offer complimentary services to your own and partner and provide business back and forth.